Would you like to boost staff morale

Many businesses undertake rewards programs to motivate employees and recognise achievement.  Such rewards allow staff to feel that they are an integral, and greatly appreciated, part of your business, and increase feelings of accomplishment and worth.  


As an added bonus for your staff's wellbeing, why not consider rewarding your valued employees with a relaxing and beneficial massage?


As a local and qualified massage therapist, I often see a great improvement in my client's attitudes and feeling of overall health after massage.  


Regular massage improves bodily functioning such as circulation, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, alleviates pain and reduces stress and anxiety.  Such positive effects allow individuals to function more efficiently in many facets of their life.


Rewarding employees in such a manner can only have a beneficial influence on their lives and also your business.


I am also available to provide massage services for work functions and meetings as a relaxing and stress free break during your day.